14 December 2008

An Attitude of Grattitude


(image from holy experience)

One starts with one. Numbers rise as blessings are counted. On my way to discovering 1000 every day gifts given by the Giver of all good things...

121. Awakening this morning,
sick with a cold after a sleepless night,
to see that my children have spent the morning before church
decorating our home for Christmas together.
It warms my heart. :D

122. The Holy Spirit graciously reveals to me my sin
and changed my grumpy, critical heart last night,
giving me a different perspective and peace,
purely out of His mercy.

123. A gaggle of geese,
alight upon the lake's waters
in elegant unison

124. The last of the Breyers Chocolate Cookies & Cream
Fat Free Double Churn
Extra Creamy Ice Cream
eaten right out of the container!

125. John Catchings music,
discovered in college,
continues to refresh my spirit today

126. Friends who are like-minded

127. Being treated to breakfast by a friend

128. A super comfy mattress upon which to sleep

129. Hot showers--a true luxury

130. The cuddles and kisses of my boys

How to end a post about blessings that never end?

Thank You.

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