07 December 2008

Blessings Amidst Burdens

(image from holy experience)

As 2008 nears its end, my mind traces some of the burdens Providence has allowed to be placed on our shoulders, on our hearts. And I also recall the miracles He has performed before our eyes...unexpected, even unimaginable. BIG stories I have shared with friends about His unusual provisions for us. And now, I pause to reflect and share those "little" things...the tiny touches of His hand in our lives as He reminds us each day of His love in the "ordinary" blessings of the moment. Blessings hidden amidst burdens. Joys that shine all the more brightly because of the dark of difficulties that surround them. On my way to counting 1000 every day blessings, I continue to offer my gratitude.

Not the gifts I want,

the gifts I have.

(my photo)
113. A beautiful, new Advent wreath,
to aid us in a relatively new family tradition

114. Being able to get three children's dentist appointments,
immediately when I called the dentist,
all at the same time,
before we lose our dental insurance later this month

115. Watching a grey heron
glide silently just a whisper above the lake's waters

116. Seeing my widowed mother,
truly happy,
for the first time in a very long time.
What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day gift!

(my photo)
117. Chocolate Advent calendars for the children
given by an aunt and uncle

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118. Listening to the Chronicles of Narnia,
at the request of our children,
as a family in the quiet fire light

(my photo)
119. The Christmas greens and white lights
my neighbor draped along the fence between our homes

(my photo)
120. The deepening relationship with my tween daughter
and the great time we have reading
Girl Talk together

We open Christmas gifts every day of the year. Every moment offers us His gifts, waiting to be seen, received and opened. Open my eyes, Lord, to see your lavish love given in the mini-moments of life.

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