08 February 2009

Gratitude Attitude


(graphic from Holy Experience)

Continuing my Sabbath worship of seeing, of resting, of rejoicing in the gifts of God, large or small. On my journey to counting a thousand...


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Witnessing these words between my sons tonight
"[Younger Brother], this part of the movie may be too scary for you."
"It's OK. Mommy's kisses will keep me OK."

A tremendous sermon preached this morning,
full of challenge, encouragement, and truth


Creating home-made valentine's cards with my children.
I think we'll likely be the only family
to use screws in our valentines!
(With some tape, they keep the foam wheels on the mini candy bar cars.)


Family fun at the bowling alley
with a coupon for a free game.


Finally downloading my digital camera pictures
from the last half of 2008 onto my computer
and re-enjoying memories of yummy fall caramel apples
and the joy of simple pleasures.

Sunshine and pleasant weather
in the midst of winter.


Sitting at the worn mahogany desk that I remember from my grandparents' home,
lovingly passed on to me
after my 101 year old grandmother moved into smaller quarters.

My favorite flannel pajama bottoms,
super soft from years of enjoyment.


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