15 March 2009

Open My Eyes That I May See...


Continuing the journey...:


His candle shines for me,
and by His light
I walk through darkness.
(Job 29:3)

My tween daughter still loves for me to tuck her in bed each night.


(my picture)
Sweetness and love,
simply and beautifully shared,
from a child's heart

My son will be able to receive expensive treatment
for his disabilities through a good, old fashioned bartering arrangement.
Two families, mutually blessing each other.
One Father, lavishing His love on both.


The soft patter of early morning sprinkles
from the blanket of clouds above.

Seeing my children buy birthday gifts for their sibling
completely of their own accord
with their own money.


(Amazon's image)
Enjoyment of a new borrowed book,
recommended by a friend and my daughter.
(I'm about a third the way through.)

A heated house in Winter.


(image from disneymike on flikr)
A good, old (less than healthy) southern breakfast:
Sunny side up eggs, sourdough toast, thick REAL bacon,
hash browns with cheese, homemade biscuits
as a treat for dinner.
(Thanks, Mom!)  :)

The gift of wisdom, self-control, and light in my darkness
from the Holy Spirit as He led me
to not buy that beautiful embroidered and beaded cardigan
that was only $15 (75% off)
because my reasons were not right.
I wanted to avoid dealing with the hurt
received from my husband at dinner moments before
and just indulge myself so that I could "forget" about it.
As if I could buy myself out of pain
and pacify that inner Voice
prompting me to trust Him
that He can bring blessing from conflict
(when it's dealt with according to His Word)
and peace for pain
(even if I take the emotional risk to talk about it, again,
and nothing changes, again)
as iron sharpens iron in the journey of marriage.
(As if I need another cardigan anyway!)

Even in the midst of the mess of life, GOD IS GOOD. And it does us so much good to count His blessings. In this, we are blessed by blessings yet again. :) Join us, the gratitude community. Here is your invitation.

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