10 April 2009

Good Friday


A Man Went Free

A man went free the day You died.


Hero. Macho Man. The People’s Choice.

They cut his chains

and buried his past in an empty prison cell.

Murder. Insurrection.

It didn’t matter.

But they nailed you down,

strapped you with the weight of a cross.

While he walked away clean.

They restored his dignity to him;

Free man. Pardoned. No more labels.

But they stripped you.

Gave you thorns for your crown,

a weed for your scepter

and a line in the obituary column that read: Jesus, King of the Jews.

They shouted his name through the city,

Blazed it in neon lights

and put a marquee around it.

While they drove you to the place of the Skull,

gave you vinegar to drink,

and threw dice for your clothing.

When darkness came, You bowed Your head

and died


While he celebrated in the streets

with the Passover crowd.

A man went free the day you died.

I was that man.

~ Ruth Senter


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