16 June 2009

Children's Summer Reading


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Books contain the throb of human life; the magic entrances, fascinates, sets alight imagination, opens doors of interest and curiosity, informs, and triggers questioning. Restless bodies become still and concentrated ~ thinking is encouraged..."

~ Susan Shaeffer Macaulay

Each summer, I have my own summer reading program for my children. They are to read from at least ten different types of books, all of which are good books for the mind, heart and spirit. My older children are able to select their own titles from a resource we have come to love over the years: Books Children Love; A Guide to the Best Children's Literature. Each title includes a full bibliography, a suggested range of school grades that is appropriate for the material, and a goodly sized summary. All selections are consistent with a biblical worldview and truly capture a child's interest. 

S0... off to the library we went, returning with arms overflowing with tomes. The children log each title and our local library gives prizes for summer reading, so we take advantage of that as well.

For your interest, here are the books they have put on their lists. It was interesting to see that some chose the same books. We probably won't find them all at the library, but here they are, complete with links to the books:

Dialectic student (middle schooler):



Literature ~ Realistic Stories ~ Modern

Literature ~ Myths & Legends

Literature ~ Fantasies

Literature ~ Realistic Stories ~ Historical

Literature ~ Fables, Folk Tales & Fairy Tales
I love to see so much literature, but this list needs some more variety beyond that...

Late Grammar Student (late elementary school):


Art & Architecture:

Bible & Spiritual/Moral Teaching:


Celebration Days & Seasons:

Crafts, Hobbies & Domestic Arts:

Dance, Drama & the Performing Arts:


History & Geography

Hmmm... This one needs some literature to round out the list...

Early Grammar Student (early elementary school):


Art & Architecture

Bible & Spiritual/Moral Teaching


Crafts, Hobbies & Domestic Arts


History & Geography







Nature, Science & Technology
Well, we certainly won't get through all those, but it's a great list from which to select...

Onward into the adventure of reading!

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