11 June 2009

God not only IS, but is BEAUTIFUL


Ever been in a conversation with an atheist about God and faith in Christ? There are good intellectual questions to ask about God's existence and character, but usually, behind those questions is rebellion against being morally accountable to a completely just and holy God.

But here is a short, insightful blog post about how there is an oft overlooked obstacle to faith in the one, true God that I hadn't thought of before. We need to not only provide solid intellectual reasons for God's existence, but also communicate, in our words, actions, and life, how beautiful God is. Consider this:

Prove to an atheist that a God that he finds hateful and ugly exists, and that atheist will still find Him hateful and defy Him. But describe and defend the beauty and goodness of that God, and perhaps the Holy Spirit will move him to love.

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Speak, live, love.


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