27 July 2009

Remembrance & Longing

My heart is drawn out to You
amazing Giver of amazing grace.

As the thunder rolls and rain pours down upon the world outside my window
I recall the merciless tempest that engulfed my life years ago.
And I gratefully remember that season of comfort
when I passed through that awful Red Sea by a way I did not expect.
I rejoiced in what I could not have conceived,
an unthought-of Passage
that delivered me from my despairing of life.

When I was lost upon the storm tossed seas,
a speck within a whirl,
I know.
It wasn't a life ring that You tossed to my aid,
although this is what man's pride fools him into thinking is humility, to acknowledge this much.
It wasn't a word that stilled the storm in a second
as had been done on the waters at Galilee.
How I would have preferred that course!
No, these things would not do
for one already dead on the ocean floor.
There is nothing less needful but
to be raised from death to life
amidst the roaring waters, foam and thunder.

Where is your sting, oh death?
Your victory, oh grave?
In the midst of your rage and power, one is plucked from your grasp,
like a forgotten pearl from a buried treasure,
sunken into the miry grave of blue and black below.
Plucked, grasped, held tight
and gloriously lifted
to the Light of light above
to be purified and polished,
reflecting the face of the One who holds it tenderly in His nail scarred hands.

Oh, there are not drops of water enough in the ocean
to fill the depth of my gratitude,
my Redeemer and Treasure!
For You, oh Lord God, are my divine treasury
where all fullness dwells,
my life, hope, joy, peace, glory, end.

May I be daily more and more conformed to Your likeness,
each facet of my being displaying Your beauty.
May the eyes of my eyes daily strain to see
that the troubles and tempests of this world
in Your hand
only fashion me more fitly
to bring You glory and honor
and joy
as a more beautiful jewel in Your holy crown.

How I long to be made fit for Your enjoyments and employments
in the Heaven that I eagerly anticipate;
all of its wonders, triumphs and things unimaginable.

In the now, whatever storm may befall,
I am not afraid to look the king of terrors in the face.
For I know
I shall be drawn, not driven, out of this world.
And to a glorious next.

Until then, as many days as are given to me,
may I continually glow, shine and burn out for You.
And when that last, great change shall come
let me awake in Your likeness,
my hope secured,
leaving behind me an example, a path, a life that speaks of the Way through the waters,
While my spirit rejoices in Heaven,
may my memory be blessed upon earth
by others who follow after,
upon the Path provided through many dangers, toils and snares.
May they realize that You long to remake them into Your crown jewels,
precious and set apart,
being prepared
for the glories of Your amazing grace.


Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Oh this, wise friend:

"Oh, there are not drops of water enough in the ocean
to fill the depth of my gratitude,
my Redeemer and Treasure!"

Yes... yes.

Thank you.

All's grace,

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Beautiful this...
No, no ocean could fill our gratitude... make ours wider, deeper, longer...
Please, Lord...

Thank you, friend...
All's grace,