07 August 2009

The Drifting of Evangelicalism


It seems that we as humans are always drifting off the main course, without realizing it. In fact, we often think that we are more on course than others when we have actually drifted in one direction or another. There are so many currents that secretly work upon us. There are so many misleading maps. And there is our own innate tendency to trust our own eyes, rather than those of the Captain.

Here is an excellent, short video by D. A. Carson about some of the various ways that different types of evangelicals are drifting these days. Well worth watching.

You may also view the video here.

So hard to keep to the straight and narrow. And so it should be. For because we cannot do so in and of ourselves, we must go humbly to the Holy Spirit and let Him guide the helm. We must constantly consult the Bible map, relinquish the wheel to the true Captain, remember who is our Anchor for the soul, put our faces to the wind and look with the eyes of faith... and sail on, on course, persevering until we reach the Safe Harbor of Heaven at last.

Truth must be our sails and grace the winds that fill them.


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