13 September 2009

Cultivating a Perpetual Feast


Cultivate a thankful spirit!
It will be to thee a perpetual feast.
There is, or ought to be, with us
no such thing as small mercies;
all are great,
because the least are undeserved.
Indeed a really thankful heart
will extract motive for gratitude from everything,
making the most even of scanty blessings.

J. R. MacDuff


Flowy, feminine silk sleeves
that make me glad I'm a woman,
and one who enjoys expressing
this facet of God's image.
(This blouse, another treasure rescued
from the college dumpster.)


Stitched with love,
crafted with heart and hands
from an old sheet,
a gift from my twelve year old daughter
which daily sits upon my bed
reminding me of the name
that is one of the greatest honors I enjoy.


Ceiling fans,
a fondness for which I caught
from my husband.


Every morning I want to ask someone
what they were thinking about yesterday
and then read them Bible verses about it.
Is that a good idea, Mommy?"
And a little child shall lead them.


My heart rate watch
that coaches me along during my workouts.


My ten year old middle child
whom I see daily listening to The Chronicles of Narnia CD,
using his imagination to paint his own picture of the story,
just because he wants to.


Fun! polka dot PJ's
(also rescued from the college dumpster)


Sever year old younger son
quietly serves his siblings by cleaning up the mess
from their shucking corn together for our Labor Day picnic guests.


(small beautiful swallow tail butterfly)

(striking black and white argiope spider)

Unexpected interruption in the day
that leads to joy and sweet fellowship.
Mommy finds youngest son sad because he lost his Cub Scout neckerchief
and couldn't go sell popcorn with his brother.
She and son hunt for and find the missing treasure,
then we walk through the neighborhood to catch up with Daddy and brother
and talk freely as we stride slowly,
enjoying just being together and the nature treasures we find along the way.


Little red wagon bumps along
daughter who helps Daddy to help sons
to sell popcorn door to door
to raise money for Cub Scouts
and for themselves to go to Scout summer camp.



deb said...

You draw me in , your words and pictures are real and yet so much of the other.
Thank you so much .

Diana said...

What a beautiful list of thanks - I love the blouse. Sometimes the simplest things remind me of my femininity.