15 September 2009

The Slavery of "Freedom"


There is an interesting cartoon by Stuart McMillen (with whom I am not familiar) based on the foreword of Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death (with which I am also not familiar, but the title and cover art infers that it's a great read).

I find it interesting that Orwell's warnings tend to apply more to communism dominating the nations while Huxley sounded the alarm for the dangers of capitalism. Fascinating that the end is virtually the same. It's slavery, just dressed in different clothing. At least in the latter, we who have received Christ, have the liberty to choose whether or not to be overtaken by its dangers through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Freedom isn't having the liberty to choose what you want. True freedom is being free to choose what is freeing. The good, the beautiful, the true. And this true freedom is only found in Christ.

Click here to see the cartoon.

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