25 October 2009

All Is Grace


(inspiration and logo from holy experience)

In ordinary life
we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give,
and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.
~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Ordinary life... life of the daily... Each week I ask God to heal my vision that I may see the things He gives, rather than what I think I lack. And then I wrap those things up as a Sabbath gift to the Giver, expressing thanks with joy, that I am so rich... in things great and small. In things that truly matter. And today I am humbled to see that even during a week when I have blown it big again and again as a sinning saint, I see how much more I receive than give. In the hush of quiet awe of His mercy and grace, looking to see 1000 gifts, and beyond...


Being surprised by truth.
As I walked down the hallway of my children's school,
burdened almost beyond words,
I paused as I passed by these words on the wall
and my tiny match of faith was struck into flame.


Unexpected provision.
"Would you like some bread?" asked a friend.
Apparently a local church's bread distribution
had much left over.
"Sure," I replied,
not expecting to be offered a huge box of gourmet loaves.
Now my freezer is packed full
and I am grateful for this parable God gave
that He has already prepared our provision for our future,
whatever it may be,
when my husband loses his job in seven weeks.


Answered prayer.
Seeing my daughter be bold and physically confident,
yet still being a young lady of grace with a gentle spirit.
(She saved a goal yesterday on defense, too!)


(our family room candle reflects on a window)

Quiet moments.
Being miserably sick has its benefits
as husband and children attend the events of the week
while I stay at home
and come to the quiet.


Creating something just right.
Finding just the right words to design a wall mural,
to adorn a blank wall... some day.


Thrill of soul.
Overhearing my ten year old son
after his soccer game
talk to a girl he just met
about inviting Jesus into her heart
to become a Christian.


Tender gifts.
Seven year old son reuses a Scouts popcorn container
to collect his pennies
to contribute to our family's monthly support
of KLOVE, a Christian radio station he really likes.
Supporting the station was his idea
and he wants to use some of his own money for it,
rather than just letting Mom and Dad take care of it.

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Kristy said...

Such a sweet post. I am so sorry to hear about your husband's job coming to an end soon. I do pray more provision for your family. God hears and He knows your needs.
Sweet blessings of children.

beautyinallthings said...

What a wonderful post. Thank you for your honesty.

Shayla said...


I love the scripture on the wall, the soccer pictures look like a lot of fun! I have been sick recently as well so I know how wonderful it is to get rest and quiet time :)

...they call me mommy... said...

Lovely list! Thank you...

deb said...

How amazing you are to share all of this.. when you must be burdened by this upcoming time of uncertainty.
That just humbled me , Sharaya.
Love to you.

Sarah Dawn said...

To come to the quiet. Delightful

And delighted to meet you today and share in the multitude of God's Grace.

Joyfully His,
Sarah Dawn

John said...

Beautiful post and blog.

canvaschild said...

Sharaya... thank you. thank you for reminding me to quiet myself before God and to be thankful for all of his tender mercies, new every morning. thank you for the faith you show, for the determination with which you pick yourself up and try again... he will provide. your words are beautiful. i will be back. in him, emily. (thank you, ever so humbly, for linking my blog post... what a sweet surprise!)

Anonymous said...


Michelle said...

I'm loving your heart in this list. Thank you for sharing them.