22 November 2009

Blossoming in the Frost


(inspiration and logo from holy experience)

A child of God should be
a visible beatitude,
for joy and happiness,
and a living doxology,
for gratitude and adoration.

~Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Continuing to count His gifts of grace, big and small, as I begin my Sabbath rest and worship. I am so very thankful.


Wherever you find them.


Opened eyes.
I have daily passed by these tree-like bushes
by my driveway for ten years,
yet just discovered for the first time
that tiny berries peek through dark shiny leaves
this time of year.


Older son helps younger son get ready for his day
by preparing his breakfast,
helping him find elusive shoes,
helping him find his belt...


(photo by Cherry Blossom)

Hope reignited.
that is very timely.
New life blossoming
amidst the frost.

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Jennifer said...

What a beautiful quote from Spurgeon... and a beautiful list. So glad I visited today. Thank you.


Mama K said...

Beautiful list! Thank you.

Trina said...

Isn't it great when older siblings help their younger siblings. That one has been on my list before :) Family Life Conferences are great aren't they? We enjoyed one a couple of years ago. Thanks for sharing your list.

Many more blessings to you.

...they call me mommy... said...

Love the 'smiles' wherever! So true!

Happy Monday!