15 November 2009

Glory Sings


(inspiration and logo from holy experience)

To the end that my glory may sing praise to Thee,
and not be silent.
O Lord my God,
I will give thanks unto Thee for ever.
Psalms 30:12

Sabbath counting to 1000 and beyond, gifts of grace from the Lord my God...


(Daughter's birthday cheesecake)

Celebrating birthdays
as something to celebrate,
including my own.
(Do not take for granted,
dear friend,
that you and others
consider your birthday
a reason to celebrate.
It is not always so.)


Beauty breezing by.
Captured on camera by my younger son
while traveling in the car.
Autumn's glory is just that,
brief beauty
that is gone all too soon
while our lives rush by.


(My two little men)

Cheek to cheek and jaw to jaw
we're sipping milkshake though a straw...


(View from my bedroom window)

Waking to wonder.
What a glorious sight
to greet me early in the misty morning.


(From my bathroom skylight)

Artistry in unusual places.
Leafy gifts seem frozen in place
as the silent shadowy tree-giver
stands tall and bare in the background.

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Dianne said...

Great list! The one your son took made my heart smile. I raised 3 sons and I know their antics. smile and the skylight framing the fallen leaves--"frozen in place"--priceless. Giving thanks with you, Dianne

Catherine said...

Catherine :)

Diana said...

I love all the autumn gifts of colour as well - such extravagant beauty, and positively strewn all over my city too!
Love your photos,

deb said...

I read your comment about these leaves on your skylight at (in)Courage and was hoping you'd post a photo.

Trish said...

Beautiful! Great list.

John McGeough said...

What a beautiful approach to your blog... your photography and your commentary is just beautiful...

John McGeough said...

Thanks for dropping by today to leave a comment... your words were so kind... I love your blog and will be visiting regularly... God Bless...

Michelle said...

I love your views:) Beautiful.

Have a great week:)