03 January 2010

The Dance of Grace


Inspiration and logo from holy experience

The first Sabbath of the new year! As I reflect on 2009 just passed, human eyes would see much over which to worry and fret, disappointments and fears realized. But with the Spirit of God opening the eyes of my eyes to His vision, I see overflowing gratitude and miracles.

Once again this day, I worship by offering thankfulness for a life overflowing with blessing as my God redeems everything for good for those that fear Him.

On my way to counting a 1000 gifts of grace... (longer list today than usual since I haven't done a gratitude post in about a month)


A wilderness oven for cooking food,
dug into the earth, covered with moss and soil for insulation, a safety trench made in front, and a "chimney" hole in the back to let out smoke.

The beginnings of a lean-to,
with pocket knife whittled ends to stake into the earth

My nature girl in our "wilderness" back yard

Living "out of the box" of modern life

my three children embark upon their own back yard adventures
and I join the fun of learning preparedness skills
and simple fellowship as we work together to learn new things.
("Much better than computer games!" says the youngest.)
Yes. Much.


Celebration and hope

Seeing teary joy in my mother's eyes
as she opens the perfect Christmas gift,
a picture collage of scenes from the community theatre play she was in.
(Keep embracing life, Mom.)


Treasuring treasuring Jesus first

The first Christmas present we "open" each year.
Joyful fun at seeing three children don sage crowns and read clues to search for their three treasure boxes (mason jars) hid around the house. Then, they choose gifts they will give to Jesus next year from these pages and the saving begins.


Ornaments on our tree and hung in our hearts

Our Christmas tree begins to fill with our "Happy birthday, Jesus" gifts from over the years.
Once again, He is born anew in us
and into the world which so desperately needs a Saviour.


Bold and extravagant love

For date night, I surprised my husband.
I set a table at our favorite fast food restaurant, Chick-Fil-A, with white lace tablecloth, china, silverware... the works, including soda poured into wine glasses, lit candles, and romantic violin music playing on a portable MP3 player I borrowed. Add chicken and fries. Bring in husband with eyes closed (who was told to wear his suit and tie tonight for a formal evening). And a giggly happy, "Surprise! ...I love you!" to the applause of patrons nearby as he opens his eyes.


Yummies for the tummies!

Christmas cookies baked by chef children.


Name retouched out of photo

Deep soul joy

During a Cub Scout Pack meeting, the Scouts in my seven year old's den shared who their favorite hero was and why. Each read from an index card. His little light shined.



Seeing my newly teen daughter choose the good, the true, and the beautiful.


Hearts and bunny rabbits

The little girl I remember inside my teenage daughter
still comes out to play.


Firelight fellowship

As a family, we enjoy this read-a-loud treasure
gathered near the fireplace during our Christmas week together.


Daring to witness

Sharing our New Year's tradition of watching Indescribable with a Muslim friend and her two children. (Please pray for the Gospel seeds to find fertile soil in their hearts.)

How can a single life hold such treasure? How can The Treasure of All shine so sweetly in and through a humble little cracked vessel of a life like mine? It is the wonder of His grace, the gift of faith, and His sovereign glory that will shine for all eternity. What a JOY to see what His hands have done. What a WONDER to ponder enjoying Him for eternity in Heaven ~ these gifts are but foretastes of what is yet to come. I am speechless in awe. Humbled.

And dancing with Life.



Heather said...

LOVE, love, love your Chick-fil-a date night (it's our favorite, too :)... and love the lavishness... the abundance.. the outpouring of His hand... and your willingness to see it, to accept it, to embrace it all!

Happy New Year to you... may His peace and grace continue to abound!

Jenny said...

Beautiful pictures. I enjoyed your list.

Cassandra Frear said...

I enjoyed your story of the surprise for your husband -- what fun!

I'm intrigued by the wilderness oven. Is that in the book you mention?

Sharaya Crossan said...

Yes, Cassandra, the wilderness oven directions are in the book I mentioned. Just click on the book title and it will take you to Amazon to order it. The book is great! Lots of pictures and perfect for folks who are trying things for the first time. Enjoy!