23 February 2010

Cookie Cutter Nonconformists


I composed this fun, comical blues song in a single sitting last night. Imagine a single guitar in the blues rhythm behind these lyrics:

An Ode to CCN's (cookie cutter nonconformists)

"Oh, it's a sad, sad world, now... Everyone, too scared to be free.
Oh, it's a sad, sad world, now... Everyone is scared to be free.
I've got to go against the flow... Gotta be free to be me.
(Yes, indeed.)

"Well, they tell me, yes they say... that to be unique is a lie.
Well, they keep on tellin' me... that to be unique it's a lie.
But I see my choice to not give in and... and I won't lay down and die.
(Just you try.)

"Yeah, I'm living out my motto, baby... It's simple nonconformity.
Oh, I'm living out a new motto, yeah... Simple nonconformity.
I am different than all the rest... And there are millions just like me.
(Can't you see?)

"Don't bother me now about my... about my childish pretense.
Don't bother me now, my brother... because I am really intense
My hair is long, my cigarettes strong, and I... I have a ready defense.
(I'm me! That's common sense.)

"Some say I'm blind and that I... I cannot see the obvious.
The blind say I'm blind and I... I just won't see the obvious.
Those cookie cutter people... they just judge me as abstemious.
(How incredulous!)

"I don't need to fit in, man... No, I don't need to belong.
Yes, I don't need to conform, man... I don't need to tag along. (Hear my song.)
Just let me be me, people!... The me ads and movies tell me to be.
(Big bucks I pay them, you see.)

I've got proof, yes I have... of my authenticity.
Yes, I am for real, baby... genuine individuality.
These here jeans are cool and I paid more for... rips put in by the factory.
(How satisfactory.)

My poet soul can't be bought, no... Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no way.
My poet soul ain't for sale, world... That is what I am here to say.
It didn't come from a tube sold at... at the local downtown Safeway.
(Well, maybe the greasy hair partway.)

I'm gonna say it one last time, now... No one tells me what to do.
Big bucks advertisers... making money on Madison Avenue
Don't con me for a moment... Hey, is that the new cool gotta-have hair goo?
(I need to use that, too.)

This is what I know now... what I truly and honestly believe.
I'm expressing my own self, yes... my own muddled autonomy.
It just so happens that, well, millions of Facebook kids look exactly like me.
('Cuz we're all free!)

*abstemious: self-indulgent

Inspired by this.

You know what is really radical? Counter cultural?
Living for Jesus.
All the way.
Every day.
With a happy heart.

Everything else is just make believe.

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Annesta said...

Very well said! I wish we would all live for Jesus...all the way with a happy heart.