25 July 2010



Life is a swirl...

Sometimes, it's sweet and scrumptious, like a choco-vanilla soft serve swirl cone.

And sometimes, it's a confusing whirl of contradictory ideas and experiences.

In the midst of all moments wonderful and worrisome, there is always one place I love to go. I must go. I am grateful that I can go.


Thank you to those of you who offered kind words and prayers in response to my 23.June post. His grace is enough...


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Laura {{* *}} said...

What we've seen of June 23 is now an archive
that God will continue to use
for His purpose in the many moments of your present.
Where ever He may have you now,
abide with Him there.

Bless the Lord
O my soul
and all that is within me
bless His Holy name.

{{* *}}