12 September 2010

Hushed Joy


graphic from holy experience

Word of God speak
Would you fall down like rain
Washing my eyes to see
Your majesty

To be still and know
That You're in this place
Please let me stay and rest
In Your holiness...

~ Word of God Speak by MercyMe

As the rain pitter patters outside my window,
I look, seek, and see
with washed eyes
how His love and grace
has fallen,
has rained
upon my dry life

with His majesty,
His love gifts,
both grand and small

and this parched ground
is refreshed
to face the future unknown
fearfully unseen.

It is the eyes of faith
watered by His Word,
both written promises
and living Love seen in the now,
with which I shall choose to see
a stem
a bud
a flower
grow yet
in this weary land of my life

for I am not forsaken

in Him
there is


in His holiness.


my teen daughter's play dough creation

Joy in service

Despite busy schedule,
I take time to volunteer with daughter
at VBS last month
and am filled with great joy
seeing her minister to two year olds
with genuine loving care,
a natural Mommy in the making.


Daring boys

Watching my boys
put the pedal to the metal
on our new used mini bike,
showing strength and courage beyond their years.


Gift, of flowers and friendship ...

... that does not wane
despite many miles
and many years.


Little Love

Noticing a small detail
in the first day of school photo,
siblings holding hands,
love seeds grow...


Teen daughter's poster

Creative expression of faith

From what has Jesus saved you?
asks KLOVE.
My teen daughter answers
in her unique way.


Heart soaring

Father teaches sons to work hard,
earning money for Scout camp,
by selling popcorn at the local Ace Hardware
and in our neighborhood.
Father nurtures boys
to be men.


Soul gratitude

Words from youngest's school work
speak volumes
to this mother.



Croc hand-me-downs,
a simple pleasure.



I walk outside to rescue
my clothes pins
drenching in the morning rain,
and pour them out to dry.
My eye catches notice
of one single odd ball clothes pin,
a yellow bumble bee pin,
made my tiny hands years ago
that found its way into my laundry things.
A sweet smile it brings.


Teens and Teddy Bears

Peeking into my teen daughter's room this morning
I see her sleeping
with the Teddy bear she's had since a baby,
the same bear my parents gave to me,
much loved and much bald now!
Always keep some childlikeness in your heart,
my becoming-a-woman-all-too-soon treasure.

Amen and amen.

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holy experience


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Annesta said...

Beautiful, beautiful post Sharaya! Your writing is full of joy and gentleness.
blessings to you