13 January 2011

Missing the Majesty


Another bite from the dessert of my day, regarding Evangelicalism today:

What is missing is the mind-shaping knowledge and the all-

transforming enjoyment of the weight of the glory of God. The glory of

God—holy, righteous, all-sovereign, all-wise, all-good—is missing. God

rests lightly on the church in America. He is not felt as a weighty con-

cern. Wells puts it starkly: “It is this God, majestic and holy in his being,

this God whose love knows no bounds because his holiness knows no

limits, who has disappeared from the modern evangelical world.”It is

an overstatement. But not without warrant.

Oh, to read one's burning thoughts within on the (electronic tree-free) page!



Annesta said...

Sharaya, my friend, you touch on something that is heavy on many hearts. Do you read Donald Miller's blog?
You might find his post today interesting.
My daughter and my son-in-law talk about the future of the church and how pastors must get back to proclaiming the majesty of God...proclaiming the Gospel as it is written and not as our culture wants to hear.
May we all pray to that end

Sharaya Crossan said...


This is near and dear to my heart as well! This is one reason I have my children attending a classical, Christian school. These schools not only equip students to love God w/their hearts, but with their MINDS as well! Excellence. Rigor. The mind is a GIFT from God to enjoy and explore and expand and know the wonders of God's creation within what we call our minds. Oh, don't get me started...

This is one of my soap box things, so I was glad to read the article you sent me.

I am delighted to find yet another thing we have in common as we walk The Narrow Road. :)