02 May 2011

Weeping and Rejoicing



A day... for somber reflection.

D. A. Carson on bin Laden:

He is an evil man, and he must be stopped, but he is a man, and we should take no pleasure in destroying him. Vengeance is the Lord’s alone.

Do not offer the alternative, “Should we weep for Osama bin Laden or hold him to account for his genocide and prevent him from carrying out his violent intentions?”

The right answer is yes.

~ Love in Hard Places (Crossway, 2002), 143.

For a great selection of thought on this, see Justin Taylor's post "How Should Christians Think about the Death of Osama bin Laden?" and read his links. They are worth your time.

HT: Justin Taylor

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Annesta said...

Great thoughts on this somber day. Thank you friend for being so Biblically grounded.