18 May 2008

Gifts Unwrapped

(graphic from Holy Experience)

21. My most treasured birthday gift ever,
a book made by my husband
and about 50 family members and friends
(my graphic)

22. After 22 years, the chance to use these again--
and to score a goal!
(my graphic)

23. Thanks to the internet,
re-connecting (after 12 years)
with a friend, mentor and co-laborer in ministry

Oh, Lord, unto me...

23. The singing of wind rustling through trees

24. A baby-sitter who loves our family
with smiles and fun surprises
(my graphic)

25. Web email without trashy ad pictures
(Good bye, Yahoo; hello, Google)

26. A picture drawn by tiny fingers
of "Mommy dancing"
(my graphic)

27. My well-worn Bible,
Light for the journey these 25 years

28. Sweet calm and quiet joy,
holding a slumbering newborn

29. Chocolate

30. Um...chocolate!..oh wait...

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