16 May 2008

Happy Birthday


To My precious and beautiful bride,

Every day is a birth day.

In My mind’s eye, I remember...My thoughts return...a new idea, a most special gift with which to grace one tiny orb, spinning in the universe. In the most secret place, My mind and heart knit together the soul of one who would express, in her own way, My image and My delight. Growing in clarity, that soul, with my fingerprints still freshly there, was birthed into time and was planted, like a tiny seed, in a safe, warm place...your mother’s womb.

A hush swept through Heaven. Another unique miracle had begun. Never to be repeated across the span of time. Never to be repeated across all eternity.

Growing, cell by cell, each directed by My purpose and plan...until one day, your birth day, the beautiful gift was unwrapped and placed in her mother’s arms. What joy on earth! What delight in Heaven! What wonders yet to unfold!

Each day continued My loving plan as each experience molded your personality and your dreams. So many wondrous workings, as I designed each facet of your being. Nothing hidden from My touch. Nothing lacking. All is as I desire it to be. All changing and maturing to be all you shall be.

For every day is a birth day.

Each day I am creating. Re-creating. Refining. Purging dross and refining silver. My fingerprints all over your life and your spirit as I slowly reveal to the world, and to you, all that My mind and heart know you to be. Oh, how I love seeing You, my dear bride, grow in wisdom, in beauty, in grace each day. Preparing you for the day, soon, oh so soon, when you will shine as bright as any star during the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.

I am waiting, dear bride. I can see that day, even today. Right now. This moment. I see you now as I shall then. You are already so beautiful and perfect to Me. You are becoming and, in my eyes, are already all that you will be.

Every day, you are new. Every day, my delight in You is renewed. Every day, you are becoming, beautiful one.

Every day...is a birth day.

I love you with an everlasting love,


I recently wrote this letter as part of a birthday card to encourage a dear friend. And now I'm "sending" it to myself, too. :)

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