14 May 2008

Riches of Another Kind


Treasure Box: Proverbs 19:14 (KJV)

Another gem hidden in the treasure of God's Word: The Hebrew word translated prudent in this verse is sakal, and it's a verb in the Hebrew, not an adjective as it appears in the English. The meaning of sakal includes:

  • to be circumspect
  • to wisely understand
  • to prosper, have success (note the interesting parallel of this facet of its meaning with the first part of the Scripture verse)
  • to look upon, have insight
  • to give attention to, consider, ponder
  • comprehension
  • to teach, teach wisely

As I have been pondering various attributes of character as they relate to a woman of God (virtue, graciousness, wisdom), I now come to prudence. I've always thought of it as caution, and, certainly, that may be involved, but as I gaze upon this jewel and see its various facets in the light of God's Word, I am struck by its beauty and depth. It has both a focus inward and outward, for it cannot but help to share its wealth with another. Indeed, many a post could explore its various riches.

Thank You, Lord God, for creating me with a natural inclination to ponder and seek truth beyond superficialities. However, oh Lord, how easy it is for our natural strengths to become our spiritual weakness! Let me not rely on my own analysis (of the flesh), but allow the abilities You have given to be Spirit-lit, that true Light may be brought to bear. Deliver me from fruitless and unproductive ruminations. Free me from perseverations that seem to tangle my mind at times. Grace me with a prudence that is wise, discerning, and daring...daring to live in pure truth, for the pure Truth. And may this facet of my life be infectious, "teaching," with or without words, so that others may be drawn to seek prudence as a precious jewel. May it live in my actions as well as in my thoughts. May I match right means to right ends. Thank You, oh gracious Lord, for Your Word that offers treasures untold!

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