01 June 2008

Every Good & Perfect Gift


(graphic from Holy Experience)

Every desirable and beneficial gift
comes out of heaven.

The gifts are rivers of light
cascading down from the Father of Light.
James 1:17
(The Message)

41. Compassionate, be-there-for-you-friends--
I got treated to breakfast & lunch
on the same day this past week!

42. An unexpected gift,
a book from my wish list
which the library doesn't have
(graphic from Amazon)

43. A husband who discusses very hard things
with complete honesty
and gentleness

44. From the Holy Spirit:
courage to discuss very hard things
with complete honesty,
asking questions first,
rather than ranting

45. Hope...His mercies
are indeed
every morning

46. The chance to do fairly regular
"temple maintenance"

47. The cute and profound words
of my older son
when he sneezes,
"Bless me"

48. My younger son
"flying" as he jumps to the floor
from his desk
dressed in Superman PJ's

49. My daughter will be baptized today!!

50. With daughter, seeing an osprey
bravely chase away a bald eagle
from her nest of eggs
and her mate bring her a fish dangling in his claws,
all from a canoe just yards from the nest.
Super wow!

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