04 July 2008

Pink Flamingo Lessons


(graphic from Holy Experience)

Feeding my faith for today
with a memorial of God's provision for the past,
I'm continuing my photo list
of things Jehovah Jirah has provided to our family for free.

101. A beautiful iron day bed
for my beautiful daughter
(and matching comforter and new valance that go with it)

102. A new MP3 player
(and Amazon gave me my first song free, too)

103. My favorite apron
with green shamrocks
for this Scots-Irish lass

104. A new scroll iron fireplace set

105. The dinner bell my husband's mother used
to call her children home
now rings through our neighborhood

106. Dressers, book shelves, chair, lamp, new 5x7 rug,
futon sofa, night stand, curtains, slip covers,
household accessories, etc.
all freely given to us
and freely passed along to the Salvation Army
and the Polaris Project
for those that need them more than we do

107. Too many books to count!!!

108. My desk and chair

109. This fun filing shelf on wheels...thingy
(can't wait to fill it up)

110. Dressers for daughter and sons,
the ones their father had as a child
(plus fun new knobs: sunflowers and lady bugs for her
trains and race cars for the boys)

111. My little angel that sits on my kitchen window sill

112. Every girl needs a pink flamingo lamp in her room, right?!

And so it goes on...From things practical and needful
to things small and fun,
our needs, even more than our needs,
are fully met
and will continue to be met
as we wait upon Him
to see what He has prepared around the bend of our journey.
We work, we wait, we pray...
we trust...
for He makes all things work together for good
for those who love Him.

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