13 August 2008

The Dictionary Daisy Chain


Here is an idea that came to me around midnight tonight. I chose a word that came to me at random and looked up its definition in the dictionary. Then I took the last word of the first definition entry and looked up its definition. Rinse and repeat, as they say. This little "game" drew up a list of words that, as I thought about them, expressed different facets of the original word. And so I commented on each and found it to be interesting. An example of a different kind of creativity. One word gets tied to the next, forming something greater than its parts...It reminded me of stringing flowers together in a "daisy chain." So, I'll call this new "game" the Dictionary Daisy Chain. Feel free to try you own! (Email me the results--use the link on the left side of the blog. I'd love to read yours.)

Starting word: FRIEND

Friend: one attached to another by affection or esteem

Esteem: worth

To be a great friend is, in part, to be a person worthy of esteem. Not by projecting perfection, but by being one who is obviously and joyously in the process of becoming all that is worthy in the eyes of Jesus. As such, always wafting the fragrance of Christ to all those whose path we cross.

having monetary or material value

To be a true friend is to recognize the inherent and incredible worth of every person with whom we come into contact; to look after others' interests as we do our own; and to know that no matter what others may think of us, our worth is completely secure in Christ, so we are free...to love, to be true, to be who He is making us to be.

a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged

To be a true friend is to supernaturally re-order what we value most...our priorities. People are more important than our To Do list. Relationships are more important than proving our own competence. Being humble and loving is more important that making a name for ourselves. This is death to self.

to part with, give, or transfer in consideration of something received as an equivalent

To be a true friend is to always
keep our soul fixed upon the Great Exchange made on our behalf at Calvary. Not only that our sin was put away, but that the righteousness of Christ was made ours! As such, we likewise make many exchanges...Putting off revenge to embrace forgiveness, offense with understanding, justice with compassion...

equal in force, amount, or value; equal in area or volume but not superposable

A true friend....Who is equivalent to the task? It's not just hard...it's impossible. Only as we abide in the Vine, nourished and pruned by our Savior, by His power, can we become all that we are to be for one another.

to place or lay over or above whether in or not in contact

A true friend has love that superimposes or covers a multitude of sins. Love is not easily offended and does not take into account a wrong suffered. Instead a true friend clothes himself with truth and grace, humility and purity.

union or junction of surfaces

True friendships require contact, true communion in spirit and truth. A connection forms and neither are the same again. Perfect love casts out fear of getting close, getting involved. We yearn to be mere channels of His touch, His contact, upon the lives of others.

the exterior or upper boundary of an object or body

A true friend goes beyond the surface, willing to wade through the depths of hard times and difficult emotions alongside a kindred spirit. There is a transparency, a humility, a willingness to be real and honest. We take the plunge...for we have been washed in an endless fountain of his redeeming blood.

This is either a cool exercise or a weird thing to do when one is up too late and draws a blank on what to post! I did enjoy it, though, and it is stirring up thoughts about creativity and boundaries...I'll let those thoughts simmer a while--perhaps for a future post.

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