12 August 2008

Giggles & Grins


Sitting on my beside table is a pretty Flavia blank journal that I have had for more than a decade. The front of the journal reads


Within each and every moment
there are wonderful surprises

Upon its colorful pages are recorded those surprising moments when my children said the most hysterical things. From the mouths of babes come joy and laughter. And so, without further ado, allow me the joy of sharing a few with you!

  • Husband took six year-old son to the ER the day after Thanksgiving for what looked like pink-eye. Our boy had a blast operating the controls on the electric chair in the exam room. Up, down, up down, etc. While the doctor spoke, he and my husband noticed some smoke in the room and a bad odor. Our son had shorted out the chair, proclaiming, "It's just like Busch Gardens [large amusement park] except I got to run the ride!"
  • I found a baby turtle in our back yard and we fixed him up in a borrowed aquarium. Seven year-old daughter drew a picture of him and taped it to the glass aquarium. "This way," she said, "he won't feel lonely because it's like he has a friend." The picture faced the inside of the aquarium.
  • At dinner eight year-old son proclaimed, "I do have Jesus in my heart!" He pulled up his shirt, looked at his full tummy, and said, "I'm fatter!"
  • Seven year-old daughter walked by me in the kitchen holding two pot lids on her chest chanting for all to hear, "I have big privates! I have big privates!" ("Privates" was the term we used for private parts of the anatomy when the kids were little.)
  • We deemphasized the whole Barbie thing, but did get our daughter a Mommy, Daddy, and baby Barbie set. My eight year-old daughter and I were playing with them and I'd move my doll's head when it spoke. One time I didn't, but my daughter suddenly looked at me with huge eyes saying, "Mommy! That time Brian's head moved all by itself!" Apparently, the doll's house (a box) was jiggled accidentally by a younger sibling playing nearby at just the right time.
  • One year-old son was mad at me because I said "No" to his request. He looked at me with furrowed brow and them promptly marched over to his father...and hit him. (Nice arrangement, actually! Just kidding...)
  • Six year-old daughter sang at the top of her voice, "God bless America...From the mountains, to the fairies...My home, sweet home."
  • Four year-old son said that Easter was when "Jesus laid the Easter Bunny eggs."
  • Four year-old son every now and then came to me, patted me on the head lightly, and said, "You're so cute, Mommy."
  • Eleven year-old daughter told me the reasons why she liked having a girl hamster instead of a boy one: "Well, first of all, the boy hamsters have really ugly butts--No offense, Fuzzy [her hamster's name], if you have a boy friend...er...or boy hamster. And second, I don't want a boy hamster seeing me get undressed!" (The hamster's cage is kept in her room.)
  • Three year-old son, a few days after watching "Black Beauty" asked if we could watch "Black Booty" again.
  • Eight year-old daughter said she could make the sound of her "bum burping" and razzed her lips.
  • Six year-old son said that David hurt Goliath on "his eyebrows."
  • Three year-old son asked me the names of his toy cars. I told him, "Lamborghini, Jeep, Dodge, Viper." He got a big grin on his face, laughed out loud, and grabbed the Viper saying "Diapers!" thinking that was its name.
  • Seven year-old son patted me gently on the head and said, "Mommy, I love your brain."
  • Nine year-old son said, "My best friend is God, then Josiah, then R. [his younger brother]" with a big grin.
  • While driving my five year-old son to a friend's birthday party, he said, "You're an angel over me, Mommy!"

A joyful heart is indeed good medicine.

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