04 January 2009

He Loves Me, Let Me Count the Ways


(image from Holy Experience)

I rise in the still of the morning. Seeking the signs of my Savior's love and care for me. A Sabbath, a resting of the soul in contemplating the simple joys He has woven into my every day life. Continuing my list...

The mind-blowing blessing of
What a great way to start
the new year with perspective.

(Amazon's image)

Seeing the spark of life
rekindled in my mother
after watching the video above with us.
One big step in her recovery from depression.
God is ever merciful.

The gentle kiss upon my head
of my youngest child
who happened upon me while
I was prostrated in prayer
with my Bible open nearby to the Psalms
as I was seeking, and greatly needing, the comfort of the Lord.
He quietly bestowed his simple gift
and tip-toed from the room.
He was the touch of the Holy Spirit
and it meant more than words can say.

Spicy, piping hot chili
with ooey-gooey melting cheddar cheese
(made by someone else--a double blessing!)

Friends for my children
from like-minded families

A classical, Christian school
that has blessed our whole family
in untold ways for years,
including the anonymous source
who covered my daughter's tuition this year
so she could attend

A husband who,
without being asked,
picked up the slack
from his wife who needed a break
from the demands of life

A phone call from
a very dear friend and mentor
to share that her daughter,
for whom we had been praying for years,
came to know Jesus Christ
 in the midst of great adversity
in which He showed His love for her
in ways more amazing than could be
apart from the difficulties she faced

The exciting adventure
of not knowing what God's plans are
for the practical, earthly path of our lives...

That I can even say the above,
even if I can't always say it--
I'm grateful I know the Way,
even when I don't know the way

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