22 March 2009

Extra Grace Gifts


(graphic from holy experience)

Open my eyes, Lord, that I may see wondrous things You have given to me. Things both great and small, You have bestowed them all. Allow me to consecrate this Sabbath morning to You by first acknowledging Your lavish love upon my life. Salvation is more than enough. These are the many extra grace-gifts You continue to give. All praise to You, Lord God of all. (On my way to counting 1000, and beyond...)


Thick, mystical fog
transforming the landscape
into fleeting, grey shadows

Overhearing my husband say to my son,
"I think Mommy deserves a break tonight, don't you?"
as he took care of dinner and getting kids to bed
in the midst of a very hectic schedule for him that day.


(my picture)
Logging over 300 work-outs
in the maintenance of this temple

Seeing the Holy Spirit bind brothers of faith together
as they share and relate to the working miracles of God
through desperate difficulties in life


Answers to prayer

Warm fleece pants
worn while watching my son
play a chilly soccer game


(picture from Samaritan's Purse)
Permanently damaged carpeting in my home,
which I used to frown upon,
now brings me joy
because it that reminds me
that I chose to spend the Lord's money
that He has entrusted to me
on greater things than new flooring,

Observing my tween daughter
email a friend
that she didn't want to receive any more links to videos
from him like the one he sent of Akon.
On her own, she decided


"I'm with you."

Truly great books
feasted upon in the quiet of evening


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