29 March 2009

Step by step


(graphic from holy experience)


(image from Focus on the Family)

Hearing my older son say
that he wanted to give extra copies
to friends at his school who do not go to church
and praying with him over them
before he walked into his school

A beautiful e-card
sent from a friend
just to let me know that she is praying for me.


Once again, the Lord has provided tuition
for one of our children to attend
their classical, Christian school,
this time through the generosity of my mother-in-law,
even though the donation is not tax-deductible.


(my picture)
Discovering "God is grate!"
chalked onto our garage floor
by my younger son
when I came home from running errands


Seeing two brothers console and encourage each other
with hugs and kind words
when both finished 4th without a trophy
in each of their den's run-off races
during the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby.


(my picture)
Telling my children that this
as I show them my husband taking the initiative
to help two Cub Scouts at the pinewood derby
just before it started,
two boys who are being raised
by their widowed Muslim mother
who immigrated here from Africa,
by using his power tools and fishing weights
to help them alter their race cars
and give them a chance to win this year,
rather than coming in last in their dens like last year,
even though they were competitors to our sons in the race.


(my picture)
Catching the contagious joy
as I watch my sons and their friends
slide down the stairs together
on their home made indoor "sleds"
made of slick nylon sleeping bags and
ending up in a heap of smiles and chuckles
at the bottom of the steps.

(my picture)

Using a coupon to have a one-on-one breakfast time
with my younger son at McDonald's
and having fun taking pictures together
of each other in the car's rear view mirror
to remember our special time.

Choosing not go to the Coldwater Creek store
for their 70% off sale
when I received their sale post card in the mail,
even though I really like their clothing,
and instead deciding to go to the CHKD thrift store
to buy pants that I need
so I can use the money I would save to bless others instead...
And finding there a Coldwater Creek pair of pants
for $3! (And a J. Crew pair for $5!)

Quiet on a Sunday morning
to recall to mind
the love that my heavenly Father
has lavished upon me
as I grow this gratitude list.

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