17 April 2009

Hot Fashionista Style!


I receive a nutrition and cooking e-newsletter, a great freebie written by a nutritionist. The writer includes articles from her sister who is some kind of fashion consultant, I guess, whose byline is "the-know-it-all-of-style." I usually skip those articles, but one day I read it. As her advice about being in style and fabulous went from my eyes to my brain, I kept having pictures appear in my mind... 

"Are your clothes stale and out-of-date? Get the old clothes out of your closet... then you are on your way to being a more stylish YOU!"

"The first step...: the Closet Purge. Once purged, organizing with my system and working on my basic classic pieces has literally changed my life! Nothing has given me more satisfaction than starting each day with an air of confidence and calmly dressing into something I look great in!"

"Now colorize [your closet], put all black together, brown, cream and so on. This will help you see what colors you have in your closet. Is it all black? Great if you are a funeral director!"

"What steps are you going to take to get your legs summer-ready [and tan]?"

Caption for a photo: "I put on a J. Crew wool sweater I've owned forever (but NOT in my Seasonal Colors). See how I look in this wrong color? I look sickly, bland, boring and uninteresting."

Caption for photo: "Next, I got dressed for the day in the shirt I really planned on wearing. Of course its in my Summer Seasonal Color palette. Now, I look more naturally healthy, alive and glowing!"

"I didn't know to only choose colors right for ME, I hadn't learned that yet. Instead I was a teen victim of fashion."

"Oh, and the one item that you must get this season, the "IT" item, a dress! Dresses, any style and shape - all are hot right now. Make sure you know what type works for your body type. It could be a sundress, wrap dress, button down dress with wide belt-all are hot, hot, hot!"

"It's true; most women don't wear 80% of what's hanging in their closet anyways."

"I know my clients will look their best in Seasonal Colors that compliment their unique skin, hair and eye colors. So, when shopping for my clients, I'm shopping for their Body Types as well as their Seasonal Colors. I know you must have both these important style elements when building a fabulous wardrobe for them."

"It's definitely a new color choice that you must get something in. White is a neutral color and therefore, white is like the "new black." Be careful though, if not done correctly, it can visually add weight."

"I use silver-colored METAL hangers with felt-covered rungs for all of my pants and skirts. The felt covers totally prevent them from sliding (and therefore wrinkling), even it you bump against them."

An article with the title of "Naughty and Nude:" "Get your hands on a pretty top of some sort in the new nude shades in the stores right now. Be warned though, these shades can be tricky, if you choose the wrong color-they will make you look washed out! The key to choosing the right tone is to make sure the color has some contrast with your skin tone. Do not match the nude tone to your skin... for [your] skin to be radiant."

Forgive us
For we know not what we do.

Let us be clothed with righteousness
and as Your godly ones, sing for joy.
Let us delight greatly in You, oh Lord,
and our soul rejoice in You, our God.
For You have clothed us
in garments of salvation
and arrayed us in robes
of righteousness.

"Because you say,
'I am rich,
and have become wealthy,
and have need of nothing,'
and you do not know that you are wretched
and miserable
and poor
and blind
and naked,

I advise you to buy from Me gold
refined by fire,
that you may become rich,
and white garments,
that you may clothe yourself,
and that the shame
of your nakedness
may not be revealed;
and eyesalve to anoint your eyes,
that you may see."

What do you see now?
A faceless, poor, naked boy from the other side of the world?


Remember him
when you see your closet.

Remember Him, too.
and clothe yourself with Him.
And clothe those whom He loves.



Laura said...

Focus shifted.

Ever grateful I made it to the end of the post.

A hushed peace just fell over this woman's
heart and closet.

{{* *}}

Debra said...

Visiting from Holy Experience ... Thank you for that amazing perspective. The things we who are "rich" are concerned over ... not even worthy of a thought.

You made me feel a little better about not being a "fashionata" and even more motivated to clean out our closets.

God has re-touched my heart, and my daughters (7 and 9) who were reading this with me, through what you shared today.