26 April 2009

Open the Eyes of My Eyes


(graphic from holy experience)

Open the eyes of my eyes to see Your gifts of grace every day in the everyday moments...


My tween daughter excited to show her parents
this video that she found on YouTube.
Parents excited to our daughter "get it"
when it comes to deeper issues of faith.

Miracles in relationships.
A visit with my father
that is the fulfillment of hopes and dreams
that seemed utterly impossible
for all the years of my life.


"Snail mail."
What used to be common and ordinary
is now precious and valued
once modern technology has surpassed it.
(Which would you really rather get?
An e-card or a paper card?)

Beautiful lime green tissue paper


(my photo)
The privilege of providing shelter
to a lost creature during a night
of freezing temperatures.
In giving mercy we receive mercy.

Sunlight brightening green leaves,
glowing with life and tranquil beauty


(Amazon's image)
A wonderful movie scene between a coach and a player
that perfectly illustrates how our passion for Heaven now
fuels our perseverance through life on earth
so that we can cross the finish line of eternity and hear,
"Well done, good and faithful servant."

The myriad different shades of green
of the leaves on trees.

The faithfulness of my oldest son
who always gets himself ready in the morning
without reminders and ahead of time.

Hot showers.
A true luxury.

Join us in our journey.

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