28 June 2009

Celebrating July 4th With Children


Can it be that Providence has not connected
the permanent felicity of a nation with its virtue?
~ George Washington

Starting on July 1st, our family will begin a 31 day journey into A Children's Companion Guide to America's History. In the booklet's preface, Dr. D. James Kennedy describes this resource as

...a remarkable book...one of the best answers I have seen to the godless drift which secular humanism has been allowed to impose on our schools, on our media, and on our national life.
Here is a carefully researched authentic educational tool...It is designed to ground the student in the historic documents which the founding fathers recorded for posterity, with all of the original references to God and the Bible left intact, thus restoring the true spiritual value system built into the Constitution and the government of the United States from the beginning.
The study guide contains, in addition to the standard techniques of professional scholarship, a unique feature: Bible memorization verses tying into the nation's Christian history.
...[It] provides children with an honest understanding of the underlying spiritual principles which are responsible for the great Christian heritage which has blessed every generation of Americans, and which must be passed on to generations yet unborn.

Each day is only two pages long and one of those pages is a black/white sketch that goes with the reading material. I plan to copy it for my youngest to color as I read. There are also a couple of discussion questions included for each day.

I encourage my fellow Americans to be proactive in educating themselces and the children in their sphere of influence about the hand of Providence in the history of our nation. I have only recently researched this topic myself, having previously dismissed such things as "right wing nuttery" in the past.

My upbringing was silent on this topic. It will not be so for my children.

Actually, silence on this topic is not silent. It speaks. It aptly communicates irrelevancy and illegitimacy of something vital by ignoring it outright and replacing it with distractions less meaningful and engaging. Such as BBQ and apple pie. (Not that I have anything against a great 4th of July cookout, of course. We'll be having one. But that's not all we'll be doing to mark the occasion.)

Give God ALL the glory due His name.



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