01 July 2009



(Our dinner conversation box)

It's smaller than a bread basket, yet big enough for our family's laughter, dreams, and fellowship in sharing with one another something of our inner selves, something of our Lord's loving fingerprints in our lives.

It's our dinner conversation box.

A small treasure that once belonged to my paternal grandmother, I came across it recently, forgotten and overlooked on my dresser. Inside the pretty mini chest covered with Asian embroidery was an empty bottle of perfume, cushioned in silky fabric. It, too, decorated with the art of Asia. I wondered from where my grandmother had procured such a simple treasure, knowing that her parents had been world travelers. And I imagined the unusual aroma that must have awakened the senses with its far eastern fragrance. I smiled.

And I got an idea.

I replaced the empty perfume bottle with a deck of cards. Special cards from the Ungame. Fragrant memories of my own came to mind as I recalled how I had played this game when I was about the same age as my oldest child. It was the first time I had learned to share my feelings and ideas with others in a way that felt safe. It was during a very delicate time of my life. And I also remembered how delighted I was when my future husband suggested we randomly go through the Christian set of these cards while we dated. We talked about so many things that were needful for a couple contemplating uniting in matrimony, things that usually don't just "come up" in regular conversation.

And now these cards bring the scent of the aroma of Christ to our family.

When we gather for dinner, a family member takes his turn by sliding the small, ivory latch aside and choosing a card from the box. The card is read out loud. Then the questions, comments and fun begin.

"If you could ask God for a miracle today, what would it be?"

"God spoke to Moses through the burning bush. How does God speak to you?"

"To whom can you confide your deepest feelings?"

"If someone asked you who Jesus is, what would you say?"

We laugh at ourselves. We talk about eternal things. Parents see into the hearts of their children and get a better feel for their spiritual understanding and their daily struggles and triumphs. Children likewise do so with their parents. And wafting throughout the lively conversation is the Holy Spirit doing His work in and through us.

Communion. Communication. Commitment to each other, to accept each other as we are, yet also encouraging each to grow in the grace and truth of Christ. This is not a time to criticize or compete. This is creating a time of care free sharing of things eternal and internal.

It's a small thing we do
that has become so much bigger than we could have anticipated.

As we open the box, we open ourselves,
to each other
to Him, to His grace and truth,

And the beautiful fragrance of His touch in these moments are very precious indeed.

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beautyinallthings said...

What an awesome idea! Thanks for inspiring!
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