03 August 2009

Gratitude, Faith for Future Grace


(graphic from Holy Experience)

"We can say that true gratitude does not give rise to the debtor's ethic because it gives rise to faith in future grace. With true gratitude there is such a delight in the worth of God's past grace, that we are driven on to experience more and more of it in the future...it is done by transforming gratitude into faith as it turns from contemplating the pleasures of past grace and starts contemplating the promises of the future. "
~ John Piper


(my doggie)

Ever faithful companion
with velvety soft ears


(Amazon's image)

Cello and piano music that ministers to my spirit
and remembering the joy I received from the playing the cello
when I was younger


(Amazon's image)

Giggles and grins
from the whole family (including Grammie, too!)
shared in the car on a road trip
as we listened to this tale.
A simple delight
(and bestowing a teachable moment
for my two sons).


(taken by one of my children)

Laundry on the line,
a reminder of how we humbly hope
to be good stewards of what God has given us,
both in our finances and of this planet,
and finding great peace of mind
from simply s-l-o-w-i-n-g down in life.
Efficiency isn't everything.


(from our kitchen table)

framed in words here.


(taken by my daughter in our yard)

Through leaves.
On a summer day.


(taken on a trip to the beach, a gift from friends)

Father reading to son.
Joy to my heart.
And theirs.


(taken without her knowing, tee hee hee)

Daughter teaching herself French
and it was her own idea!


(taken on a field trip)

in an age of false sophistication and perversity.
Twelve year old girls
who don't think twice about holding hands
in public and in front of their friends.


(taken at the National Cathedral, Washington, DC, USA)

The agony,
the glory,
partaken on my behalf.



Maria said...

A beautiful visit and wondering through your gratitudes...
Thank you for the sweet and calming music...I'll remember and add to my own playlist~
All the best ~ Maria

beautyinallthings said...

Those are wonderful gifts! Thank you for sharing.

Cherry Blossom

shepherdsgrace said...



Linda said...

I am here from Ann's. Thank you for sharing your heart. Your list is lovely.