24 August 2009

Happy Birthday, William Wilberforce


(William Wilberforce)

Today is the 250th anniversary of the birth of William Wilberforce. There is a well done ten minute video of his life and his quest to end the slavery in the most powerful nation of his time, Great Britain. Click here to view the video produced by Asbury College.

Slavery has evolved in modern times. Did you know that:
  • human trafficking in the world's third largest criminal enterprise after drugs and weapons? (US Department of State)
  • there are nearly two million children in the commercial sex trafe? (UNICEF)
  • About 80% of human trafficking victims are girls and women and up to 50% are minors? (US Department of State)
Want to take a first step? Start where Wilberforce started. Start with humbling yourself and getting real with God about your own sin, how you are a case for grace. And then pray fervently and passionately for the oppressed.:

(More info here)

Then go put your passion into action as He directs you. Here are some ideas:

Having heard all of this,
you may choose to look away,
but you can never say again
that you did not know.

~ William Wilberforce

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