30 August 2009

Remembering, Finding Rest


(inspiration and logo from Holy Experience)

Sabbath rest today.
Resting... and remembering His gifts.
And resting in His sovereign care for my life.
How good He is!
How good it is to remember.
And rest in His good grace.


Our HVAC is still working!
Last summer, we were told it was on its last legs
and would need replacing for this summer.
But it soldiers on
and we are saved from a huge expense
while anticipating the end of my husband's job in December.


Yes, I'm grateful for the Holy Spirit's conviction of my sin
about how I thought I could multi-task
cuddling with my younger son on my lap
while doing something (was it really that important?)
on the computer.
Predictably, he soon left my lap.
What was I doing?! What I often do,
choosing crumbs
instead of the feast.
Thanks be to God for His mercy,
to not let us continue in sin
if we will have ears to hear Him...


...and so
Mommy pushes aside the computer mouse
and invites her younger son to share time together
as we make a new recipe for dinner.
Young boy's eyes twinkle at the simple gift of my time
and is proud to help
as real accomplishment feeds his self-esteem.
Mommy is nourished in a feast of repentance
and delights in God's goodness to saints who sin, like me.


Younger son offers to help older son with one of his chores,
taking out the trash.
Two boys who share a room and most of their life's activities,
and who often find themselves in conflict,
are touched by God's grace.


Precious time and sweet fellowship
with a friend and her daughter
as this dear friend teaches me and my daughter the work and pleasure
of baking yogurt bread and caramel cinnamon rolls.
Working with one's hands,
investing time in service, fun and in relationships,
slowing down to savor each step of preparation,
and delighting in yummy results to be shared with our family.
(So much more fulfilling than nuking food in the microwave!)


A bit of beauty
on my mouse pad.

For blessings big and small, dear Father God, I thank Thee.

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Traci~ Ordinary Inspirations for the everyday wife, mommy, and homemaker said...

Beautiful List! Thank you very much for sharing.

Counting my blessings with you over at Ordinary Inspirations.

God Bless!

deb said...

I so looked forward to reading your list, your thoughts. And it was time well spent. Your heart seems so beautiful.

Maria said...

*beautiful bread
*love Van Gogh's :Starry Night:
*for the reminder to make life REAL.
Giving thanks with you today...

Dianne said...

"choosing crumbs instead of the feast"--that is a sermon in itself--thank you

Angie said...

Everything looks delicious- We are truly Blessed to be able to have food in such abundance and for the Love of family and MOST Of all for the LOVE OF OUR LORD Jesus Christ


Linda said...

A precious list - you have chosen the better part and created precious memories for your loved ones.
It was a joy to read your list.