20 September 2009

The Best Things


(inspiration and logo from Holy Experience)

The best things are nearest:
breath in your nostrils,
light in your eyes,
flowers at your feet,
duties at your hand,
the path of God just before you.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson


In pruning, I find a bird's nest,
where new life began and flew on its way.
Lord, may Your pruning in my life
eventually show how You were birthing Your Life
ever more so in me.


The startling SNAP of a clean tea towel
as I shake it out for the clothes line.


Seven year old: "Wow! Look, Mommy!
A three leaf clover!"
Yes, child,
even a common three leaf clover
displays God's glory
and is reason for His praise.


Seeing my 12 year old daughter
and her friend
make their first pie (apple!).
I resist the urge to micromanage them
and let them try their wings on their own,
staying near if needed,
watching, smiling and smelling
the fruits of their labors over an hour
and mine, over the years.


Seeing my ten year old son
endure a hard kick to the mouth
and swollen, bloody lip
with a few tears, quiet strength, and an ice pack,
rather than completely falling apart emotionally,
lashing out irrationally at "the offender" and everyone else
while being stuck in that mental and emotional rut for a while.
We have a special God
for our special needs children.

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Tabitha@ichoosebliss.net said...

I truly love that quote above! Great list!

Happy Monday (:

deb said...

joy to see you here, see what you are seeing, and knowing