04 October 2009

A Kaleidoscope of Beauty


(inspiration and logo from holy experience)

Think of a beautiful diamond ring
and how it sparkles every time you look at it from a different angel.
Or a kaleidoscope and how its shapes and colors
keep changing and glittering as it turns.
Understanding the beauty of God
is a little like looking at a diamond or gazing into a kaleidoscope.
The longer you look.
the more beauty you see.

~ Joni Eareckson Tada
(quoted at Grace & Goggles)

The more I look around me for my Lord's presence, the more beauty I see every day... in the everyday. Counting to 1000 and beyond...


Wow moments.

Seven year old son one morning:
"No Bible, no breakfast.
Those are the words I live by."


Wonderful mess.
Love and service
strewn about the bathroom floor
as a husband fixes a leaky toilet.


Creation parables.
This tree
with its winding and crooked limbs
and unbalanced form,
seeming to be held up by some force unseen,
displays an unlikely beauty and still, it speaks humbly of its Maker.
Inviting me to pause my walk through the meadow,
it tells me of my own life.


Simple, wholesome fun.
My kids enjoying feeding chickens
and collecting pastel green and blue eggs.


More of the above.
Flying daughter
on a tree swing,
soaring to the sky.


Recycled glamor.
Poking through the used ribbon box,
I find satiny strands from Christmas presents past
which I fashion into a dressy bow
for my niece's wedding gift.


Grateful to have an actual laundry room
with space to work, sort and store.


Godly heritage.
My grandmother's Bible
sits on my dresser.
Her daily prayers for me
uttered years ago
are still being answered today.
Thank you,
for so very much,

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deb said...

That bible is such a beautiful treasure. How blessed you are.

Roo said...

soooo sooo beautiful. your words, your thoughts...your thanks! thanks for sharing!!

Tri said...

Oh, what a beautiful list. Thank you for sharing.