21 December 2009

Family Christmas books

Minds and hearts feast on books that season the season with grace. Books set out for Christmas time in our home, great for read-alouds as a family or to be enjoyed privately by firelight...

The children ask for me to read this and they like to take turns reading out loud as well. A good choice to do a few chapters an evening. Great and unusual illustrations as well.

This book has won awards and is a delight. It has real photography that spins a wonderful tale of deer, forest animals, a snowman, and children. For the young at heart.

Poems, parables and reflections on the gift of childlikeness as we remember the gift of the Holy Child born in Bethlehem... be born in us today.

Explore a universe of sky and snow as you warm yourself by the fire of these words. Lovely illustrations.

An award winning book, this tome tells the story one man's passion to catch the wonder and unique beauty of individual snowflakes on film. The children love this book. Not only a great way to ponder the Creator's majesty hidden in the mundane (like common snow), but also a great example of the commitment and passion it takes to discover new things.

A delight for young and old. Sheet music excerpts are included.

A classic and for good reason. Profound simplicity to ponder.

A fun and sweet read.

One of my all-time favorite stories. A children's story that speaks profoundly to adults as well about what it means to be real.

My daughter pulled this book out and made some pretty things. Fun!

A very nice traditional collection of stories, carols and poems.


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