02 May 2010

Choosing Joy


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Like returning to an old friend, after a hiatus I lay fingers on keys and mouse to... choose joy. Here I seek and find the fingerprints of love that my God has left on the passing days of my little life. Each is a gift, of grace, for which I am so very thankful. My gratitude is now my gift in return as I worship this Sabbath morning. Counting, to 1000 and beyond...


Tying strings of fellowship
between father and son

Husband and elder son
spend the night on a submarine
and tour military vessels
on a Boy Scout trip.
A whole weekend for just the two of them.


Young boy doin' his thing

I discovered my son in the back yard,
having prepared his rod and reel all by himself,
fishing. What joy to see him growing up
and enjoying the great outdoors.
(I tried to sneak up on him to take pictures,
but he saw me, of course!)


(name retouched out of photo)

Chalk love

Younger son scribbles
that he hearts his family on back porch.
Encouragement to press through times that are discouraging
at times.


Family bike ride

One of our family's favorite things to do together
is pedaling the bike paths near our home.
This trip was 6-7 miles.
Life seems so care free on a spring bike ride...


"Fort Friends"

A sign made and planted
by my children and a friend
after building a fort
amongst the towering tree-bushes in our yard
with wood and old sheets now become painting drop cloths.
Good home-grown fun.


Standing up and being counted.

A husband who not only thinks deeply
about important issues that affect our nation,
but does something about it.
This is his sign he carried at a demonstration
in our nation's capital.


The circle of service

Giving time and sweat
to clear a neighbor's fallen tree,
receiving the gift of church members and a neighbor
splitting the wood for free,
giving the wood splitters a gift of thanks,
giving friends and neighbors much firewood for free,
receiving the joy of giving and receiving
in God's special economy.

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1 comment:

Annesta said...

Your gratitude list has blessed my heart today. I join with you in being thankful for children that grow up and give encouragement, for husbands that take a stand for their beliefs, for families that take time from busy schedules to enjoy each other on spring bike rides.
Thank you for sharing your list.
Grace and peace to you as you rest this Sabbath.