09 May 2010

A Living Doxology


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A child of God should be a visible beatitude,
for joy and happiness,
and a living doxology,
for gratitude and adoration.

~ Charles Spurgeon



Love gifts of tangible appreciation,
His heavenly love experienced in time and space.


Sharing new life

As a family, we made flower beds,
trimmed bushes, mulched and pruned
as a Mother's Day gift for Grammie.
As we pulled, dug and shoveled in her yard,
we prayed out loud with each other
that God would plant and grow seeds of new life
in her life that has grown numb and quiescent.


Little love gifts

Finding a sweet offering of love
of clover, dandelions and buttercups
on my desk.


Coming to the quiet

One of my favorite places to go
when I am weary of carrying life's load,
a place that is always silent and serene
and where tears, if seen,
would never be out of place.
And where chiseled stones
that this life is short
and but a prelude to my real home...
"So live life well
as a good and faithful servant"
this place speaks to me.


Clean laundry

Nonthin' more need be said!


Monkey bread

A breakfast treat for Mother's Day
from my little monkies!

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Mary B said...

What beautiful pictures and I like the way you did your list (with pictures) but I LOVE your list. Thanks for sharing.

Trisha said...

The quote from Spurgeon is great! I was just reading from him last night and came across some highlighter-worthy (well, that would be almost everything he says, I think...:)) passages about praise.

I especially like how you expand on your list, giving the sweet details. 369 is especially touching...how wonderful that you gave the gift of prayer, too, with the beautiful flowers.

suzy said...

What a beautiful mother's day gift. Looks so yummy!
I had to smile and nod at no 371.
Yes me too.. silence, space = a peaceful me. I've come more and more to accept this as part of myself.
God Bless.

Alida said...

what a beautiful list! May God bless you this coming week!