23 June 2010


Feeling unsafe. Unprotected. Hurt.

I kept my chin up. For the last two years. I kept praying. Kept trusting. Kept hoping. Trying not to long too much for the desires of my heart.

This morning, I gathered my prayers and courage and stepped out into life again. Putting one foot in front of the other. "The Lord is my Shepherd..."

I can't chronicle the last two years. The last 17. Most of it too painful.

I'm tired of words. Tired of trying. And there is no escape. This is my life, my situation. I am bound by vow and conscience.

Perhaps later today, I will be able to recall to mind the great things I've seen God do. And it will fuel my faith to believe, again, yet again, that He

will not

forget me.

But, for this moment,

I can only weep.


Elleah said...

I'm praying for you.

debbiec said...

This too shall pass. He will restore in you the Joy of His Salvation. He loves you. He died for you.

Sharaya said...

Elleah & Debbiec,

THANK YOU so much for your kind words. These trials are hard, but His hand is indeed in it. I press on, encouraged by your kindess...