16 May 2010

Replete with Thankfulness


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O Lord, that lends me life,
lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.

~ William Shakespeare


White, flowy femininity

A newly acquired white skirt
with white ribbon, sequins, beadwork and lace embroidery
that suits a lady who enjoys being a lady.
It's amazing what some people throw away in the trash,
isn't it?


God's artistry

Raindrops that came last night
and stayed to greet me this morning,
painting nature's artwork
upon the blue tarp above our tent.
It's always amazing what you see
when you look UP.


Sharing and growing friendship

Our home away from home this weekend,
shared with another family,
a widow and two sons,
so that the younger son could have a special birthday.



I could stare silently
into the flames of a camp fire
for endless hours,
basking in the warmth against the crisp night air,
and simply
as I watch the flames
dance under a star-lit sky.


Creation's cathedrals

What need have I today
of stained glass windows,
sonorous organ,
and arches of stone?
Sun rays
split through leafy branches,
a sweet chorus of bird songs glitter through the air,
and lofty trees raise their canopies towards Heaven...
All is well.


Windows to sky

Above our heads,
Above our minds,
Above our cares,
Above our busyness...
and point your gaze


The deep glow

that it's the embers
crowded together
that keep their heat
and feed the beautiful flames above.
Come together,
in community of heart, mind and labor,
and keep each other hot and glowing,
fanning the flame of faith,
for the King.


Fun visitor

Mrs. Turtle
pays a visit to our back yard.
What joy to wonder at the Creator's hand,
as we gather as a family to watch
and help this two foot long mother along her way.



... to see my teen daughter
and, Lord-willing a mother-to-be some day,
naturally delight in entertaining seven children
along the river
on a restful Sunday afternoon.

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JoAnn said...

gorgeous. I love the deep glow of the fire...so many great photos here! It makes me want to go camping, and I don't like to camp!

UKZoe said...

It's been a while since I've been camping, fracturing my tail bone a few years ago meant sleeping on the floor was a definite no go, and now we're out of the habit.

deb said...

your gratitude posts are always such a blessing .