18 October 2010

Loving the Money God


A sip from my morning "coffee," my devotional reading of Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller:

Why can't anyone in the grip of greed see it?... Everyone tends to live in a particular socioeconomic bracket. Once you are able to afford to live in a particular neighborhood, [etc.] ... you will find yourself surrounded by quite a number of people who have more money than you. You don't compare yourself to the rest of the world, you compare yourself to those in your bracket. The human heart always wants to justify itself and this is one of the easiest ways. You say, "I don't live as well as him or her or them. My means are modest compared to theirs." You can reason and think like that no matter how lavishly you are living. As a result, most Americans think of themselves as middle class, and only 2 percent call themselves "upper class" But the rest of the world is not fooled. When people visit here from other parts of the globe, they are staggered to see the level of materialistic comfort that the majority of Americans have come to view as a necessity.

My fingers beg to type many thoughts, but that must wait for another time. Contemplate, pray... and be not too quick to define this love of mammon idol.

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