14 November 2010

Pass On the Spark


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At times our own light goes out
and is rekindled
by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude
of those who have lighted the flame within us.

~ Albert Schweitzer

Continuing the counting of the sparks blazing through my life...


Wondrous Reminder

Who Am I?

Daughter and fellow students
perform in black light
to Who Am I? by Casting Crowns


Fondant Fun

Mother and daughter learning to bake with fondant
with some friends
and loving my teen's designs


Surprise blessing

We're going to Disney World!
Winning a trip to Disney
at our school's fundraiser auction.
A good deal for us,
a great help to a school
that proclaims the Gospel with joy.


Choosing time

The sweet blessing
of choosing to slow down
and teach my pre-teen son
to make scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage.
His big smile,
our good time together,
worth more than words can say.



Daughter takes a stand
for Christ
with her soccer team mates.
After a teammate takes His precious name in vain,
she asks him nicely to consider not doing that.
After he blows her off,
she boldly proclaims,
"I am a Christian
and you will respect my God!"



My first time star gazing
through a telescope,
thanks to a local NASA group
sharing their telescopes
and knowledge
of the glory of the Heavens

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Annesta said...

I am always blessed by your post! Congratulations on the trip to Disneyworld...that was one of our favorite trips! And great job teaching your children to stand up for their faith and to have the courage to do so.
May you have a great Sabbath rest today and may your blessings abound this next week.

misslenbuster said...

my husband suggested taking my scope out the other night. I got giddy all over the moon and jupiter.... again! The wonder just doesn't fade. And I'm proud of you daughter. Enjoyed your list! BLessings!

www.fingerprintsfromhishand.webs.com said...

I pray the LORD will continue to strengthen your daughter as she loves JESUS more than the world. May her light shine brighter each time.

Congrats on the trip! We're getting ready to go on a trip my hubby won. If I can just get there!