22 June 2008

Strong Memory = Strong Faith


(graphic from Holy Experience)

With my husband's loss of his job about a month ago,
finances have been on my mind lately.
So, for today's list I decided to do a "freebie hunt"--
grab my camera and hunt throughout my house
taking pics of things that my faithful Lord
has provided to our family
I soon realized that I couldn't capture ALL of them
or else it would have taken all day.
But here is a good sample.

As a former pastor of mine once wisely said,
part of having a strong faith
is having a good memory.

Jehovah Jirah is our faithful Provider
of the past,
for today,
and for always.

61. Family and friends, dear to me
(Enjoy those Christmas card photos year round
by posting them on a bulletin board where you'll see them daily)

62. A full size sleeper sofa

63. A computer with keyboard, monitor and speakers

64. A printer (from a different source than the computer)

65. These matching pretty white shelves
(Oh, and this bathroom was painted
by professionals for free, too.)

66. A Steinway piano--but not just any piano,
the one I first learned to play on

67. New pair of elegant bubbled glass vases
in which I put floating candles

68. Six matching kitchen chairs
(their green backs go perfectly with the free green valance
I forgot to photograph)
(and the black cups, too...I forget how many)

69. I just love this simple piece of Amish artwork

70. Lazy-Boy rocker recliner
and the folk art pillow from another person

71. Pretty "silk" table runner with embroidery and clear sequins

72. Two of these fun floor lamps

73. A new matching set of "polished nickel" bathroom hardware:
light fixture, towel rack, hand towel ring,
toilet paper holder, and hook for the door

74. Dresser with a nice crackle faux finish

75. Wooden rocking chair that's been in my husband's family

76. A new fanciful purse, complete with shiny sequins and beadwork

77. A trampoline...the kids especially enjoy it

78. I've received numerous compliments on this vase

79. My grandmother's music cabinet
given to me by her before her passage to Heaven
(free also were the silver bowl, antique handkerchief,
and vintage books on top)

80. This new scroll "iron" and wood floor lamp
(I even put it together myself!)

81. New large bathroom mirror
(Almost all of my re-decorated bathroom was for free.
It's kinda funny that visitors to my home
always remark, "I just LOVE your bathroom!")

82. New (still in the box) ceiling fan
with carved balsa wood blades

This is only the beginning...
I'll have to interrupt my posting here,
but will pick up this freebie list of God's blessings
with my next 1000 Gift List post next Sabbath day.
This has actually been a lot of FUN to do!
I especially enjoyed telling my kids about it
when they looked at me funny
and asked me why I was taking pictures
of almost everything in our house and yard.
And it has really ministered to me
in my challenging circumstances.
I heartily recommend that you consider
joining me in this freebie twist
on the Gratitude Community's 1000 Gift List.

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