13 January 2009

To Everything ~ A Season


How to bear the sorrow...

of another?

When one dear to us seems to slip beyond our reach.

I sit in silence.

And just be close.

Just be.

I do, work, and do more for one who cannot. Always wondering when I am doing too much. When is my doing on her behalf dulling her ability, her resolve to do for herself?

I pray.

Many promises of the Word.

And later, pray. In silence.

In my own sorrow.

I wait. I hope. I dare to expect. What can I expect? What may I expect?

There is a time to pray. A time to work. A time to question. A time to wait.

And a time to lament.

Today is that time.

Kyrie Eleison.


mm said...


Your words put voice to my own lament...

And I wonder... have things changed? Has your lament turned to rejoicing?

I hope so... for you and for me. Waiting is hard, is it not?

Praying ever still...

thank you...

Sharaya Crossan said...


Your words touched me. Thank you so much for leaving your comment. :) To think someone I don't even know is praying and knows, too, what it is like. Dear sister! I pray that the Lord will meet you where you are and comfort and guide you as He guards your heart.

As to me and the specific situation that was heavy upon my heart that day, it has been an up and down thing. Days of encouragement and blessing. Days of disappointed hopes. It is something out of my control (as is much of life). I have, however, been grateful for the Lord's presence and promises. He is showing me that, while I cannot "fix" another person, He has His work that He is doing within me through this experience. And I am seeking to embrace that, and am grateful for that.

And I wait, choosing faith that He will accomplish His good and perfect will in this other person's life. I pray she will seek Him,,, and find Him.

There is always joy in the morning...

Peace, His peace, to you, dear Marsha.