29 September 2009

The Five Cent Tour


I'm rolling out the welcome mat to my new design for my blog. Ta-dah!

Firstly, allow me to share profuse appreciation and admiration for Lena Toews who designs lovely blog templates and offers many designs for free at her Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates website. Even with my limited HTML knowledge (gee, Pascal was the latest programming language when I last had a computer science class...), I was able to make the transition, thanks to her easy tutorials.

So, here is the nickel tour of the blog. Some things have gone away, needless clutter released. Some things are new here for you to discover...

There is a top menu bar now. (Oooooooooooohh!) Here's the scoop:
  • posts rss: a scrolling list of all my posts, plus rss features you can enjoy.
  • comments rss: ditto for all comments. How I appreciate them!
  • the gratitude community: a drop-down menu of links for information about the 1000 Gift List and the gratitude community, a lovely cyber gathering of community expressing and enjoying the blessings of life and the Giver of Life. Read my thoughts on this inspiring practice, how it was started by Ann Voskamp at Holy Experience, see my whole list (so far) in one thread of posts, and see a list of the community members, growing weekly.
  • the classic posts: gathering of the posts to which I return regularly that keep me on the narrow path of this journey. It's sort of a "top 15" list of posts.
  • more about me: I don't like the title, but I couldn't think of anything better. For those curious, here is my personal library (books: the dessert of my day!), my temple maintenance or exercise log (terribly out of date presently), my "Jane Austen" identity (This is a really fun quiz to take. I suppose I keep it on my blog merely because I am thrilled with the Austen heroine that I am supposedly most like!), my cyber friends (a blogroll of all those kind folks who leave me comments so you can visit their blogs, too), and my creed of what I believe.
And now, for the right side bar...

Eucharisteo means... what? It's just what it says it is. It is a contemplation of a word and its meaning, at the heart level.

Enjoy These Excursions My favorite links, updated routinely. Very cool stuff, of course!

Peace Be Unto You is still here, playing soothing music of cello and piano. You can set controls on the player to shuffle and repeat songs, skip songs, and adjust the volume. You can listen to the entire album by keeping my blog window open in the background as you do other work on the computer.

Top Ten Book Companions for the Journey list my top ten books of all time. So hard to choose! These have become like friends journeying alongside me as I walk the walk of faith. Hover or click on a book for more information about it.

And of course I have the Labels cloud, a list of categories. Click on one and see posts relating to that category.

So, a hearty welcome to my humble abode in this little corner of cyberspace. The door is always unlocked and a warm cup of tea is always waiting. Come... sit a while and let us drink in the wonder of our wonder-full Savior together.

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